The export of live cattle to Africa and the Middle East: France stands out!

Exports of live cattle to African and Middle Eastern countries are growing steadily. The countries of the European Union (EU) have made more than one million cattle exported to third countries according to statistics from the livestock institute during a webinar on the European and peri-Mediterranean cattle markets, presented by Germain Milet on May 28, 2020.

All types of animals are exported by Europeans "All types of animals are affected by the lively export from Europe, from unweaned dairy calves to breeders, including animals ready for slaughter. Quoted Germain Milet.

France is positioned among the leaders in exports to Africa and the Middle East. It exports all types and categories of animals and is regarded as the main global supplier of several dairy cattle breeds or beef breeds. Customers can choose from several categories: pregnant heifers; dairy cows, fattening calves (broutard), slaughter cattle, suckler cows ... etc.

French bovine genetics also offer a varied choice of improved breeds: The Holstein breed (Prim'Holstein), Montbéliarde, Normandes, Brunes des Alpes, Simmental, Charolaise, Aubarc, Limousin, Blond d'Aquitaine, Salers ... etc.

France regularly exports live cattle to the following destinations: Turkey, Lebanon, Israel, Algeria, Morocco, Egypt. It is also diversifying its deliveries to other countries in the Middle East zone (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar) and could deliver to countries in Central Asia. Livestock Cattle Europe

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