Supplier of cattle (dairy cows and fattening calves) in France

SAS LIVESTOCK BOVIN EUROPE: The export of quality cattle is our ultimate goal.

LIVESTOCK BOVIN EUROPE is the 1st Cattle Exporter from North-West France to export to Africa, Europe, and the Middle East. Our company has existed for several years, which has enabled us to build up a large network of breeders. Located in the Prim’holstein region, we specialize in dairy heifers but we also export fattening calves, slaughter calves as well as Alpine or Saanen goats and deer.

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Exporter of heifers and dairy cows: LIVESTOCK BOVIN EUROPE exports the best dairy breeds:

- Holstein heifers and cows (Prim’holstein): The Holstein breed (called in France the Prim’holstein breed) is a specialized dairy breed, it displays the best production in milk but also in protein.

- Montbéliarde heifers and cows: The Montbéliarde breed is the 2nd dairy breed in France. Montbéliarde produces a milk rich in proteins and has great cheese qualities. It ranks first among the European red magpie population (Simmental, Fleckvieh, etc.) in terms of milk production. It is a mixed breed, it gives a quality carcass which ensures a good valuation of young animals (veal calves, weaned calves, young cattle).

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Exporter of fattening calves and slaughter cattle: LIVESTOCK BOVIN EUROPE also exports the best meat breeds:

- Charolais calves: The Charolais is a French bovine breed mainly devoted to the production of meat, low in fat and of good taste quality, it is renowned for its meat qualities. The Charolais cow has the highest milk production of the specialized meat breeds. It is a breed widely used for its rapid progression thanks to its Average Daily Gain (ADG) of at least 1.7 kg.

- Aubrac calves: A French suckler breed intended to produce meat.It is often crossed with typical "meat" breeds such as Charolais to improve the conformation of calves.It is a breed that has an Average Daily Gain (ADG) of 1.5 kg.

- Limousin calves: Limousin is a rustic French bovine breed, which is mainly devoted to the production of meat. It is recognized for the taste quality of its meat. It is a breed widely used for its rapid progression thanks to its Average Daily Gain (ADG) of at least 1.7 kg. - Blonde d'Aquitaine calves: Blonde d'Aquitaine is a suckler breed. It is renowned for its meat qualities, with a high proportion of meat, tender and low in fat, compared to the total weight. Blonde d'Aquitaine is used for the production of wolves (5-6 months) or young beef cattle or heifers. It is a breed widely used for its rapid progression thanks to its Average Daily Gain (ADG) of 1.9 kg.

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Exporter of Alpine or Saanen goats and goats: LIVESTOCK BOVIN EUROPE exports the best goats and goats:

- The Alpine breed: The Alpine has excellent dairy skills. She produces an average of 780 liters of milk per lactation, but the best often exceed 1000 liters in 295 lactation days.

- The Saanen breed: The Saanen is an excellent milkmaid, and that is why she has been exported particularly well throughout the world. In France, it produces up to 1000 liters of milk in 306 days.

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Export of live cattle focused on animal welfare:

Our means of transport: LIVESTOCK BOVIN EUROPE adapts to each client. We organize transport according to the destination of your animals. We use different modes of approved transport (land, sea or air) in order to guarantee the best care for your cattle, which will arrive at your home in good shape and health.

- Livestock transport: Animal welfare being our priority, we work with approved transporters for the transport of live animals. These are latest generation semi-trailers or trailer trucks. Cattle travel in good conditions (straw, hay, drinkers, ventilation, etc.). They arrive at your home in good health, in great shape and with respect for animal welfare.

- Maritime transport: Thanks to our experience for several years in exports by livestock ships, we collaborate with the best shipowners depending on the embarkation ports and destinations.Transfers are made directly from the truck to the boat ramp with respect for the animals.Their experienced crews watch and feed the cattle throughout the crossing.

- Air transport: For distant destinations, this mode of transport is perfect for animals, thus limiting the duration of transport.Loading is carried out extremely quickly and automatically.The transport companies we work with are of course approved for animal protection.Your cattle arrive physically fit and stress-free within a short time even to distant countries.

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