Dairy farming (profitable and efficient):

Breeders of dairy cows (Holstein, Montbéliarde, Brunes des Alpes, Normandes, Simmental, Fleckvieh breeds) need to master several aspects of their activity. Versatility is both a quality and a need to produce milk of good quality and under better breeding conditions.

Breeders must, therefore, cooperate with suppliers of heifers and dairy cows, companies manufacturing animal feed, collectors and transporters of milk, agri-food companies manufacturing milk-based products, to ensure good management of their activity.

The principles of this activity are:

- Mastery of the production of milk in breeding

- The delivery of dairy products to consumers.

- Hygienic practices to be applied during the process of production and processing of milk.

- Balance agricultural practices for a profitable activity.

Good management in animal husbandry should aim to prevent problems and not to have to solve them after they occur.

Livestock Bovin Europe, offers you a set of advice for the management of your dairy farm, to allow you to ensure:

- Rational feeding of animals.

- Animal health (dairy cows and dairy heifers)

- Animal welfare

- Profitability of the activity

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